Udar Arogya Plus

 Udar Arogya Plus
 Udar Arogya Plus

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Product Description

Its roots flourished from nature that uses herbs in order to attain its perks, Udar Arogya Plus is an ayurvedic medicine prepared and inclined from Dravidian sages of South India.

- The medication benefits in treating people with the gastrointestinal disorder caused by having inordinate spicy food, laying down on the bed immediately after having a meal and smoking. Sudden weight loss or gain or being pregnant can also be the reason.

- It helps in health and longevity of the digestive system of the human body by reducing the acidity and cleansing the system.

- Udar Arogya Plus's ability of immediate effects on anorexia, constipation, indigestion, bloating, burning sensation, gas and acidity makes it a beneficial remedy.
Udar Arogya Plus is available in two forms in the market. 1st is Tablets and 2nd is Syrup.

Udar Arogya Syrup can be taken twice a day with two tablespoon water after lunch and dinner. Tablets can be taken twice a day with water immediately after Syrup.

For its appropriate effects repeat the following process for 45 days.

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