tightening lady virgin liquid 8in 1

tightening lady virgin liquid  8in 1 tightening lady virgin liquid  8in 1
tightening lady virgin liquid  8in 1

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Product Description

When Ultratech India Limited launched 18 Again back in August, this so-called 'vaginal rejuvenation' gel got a lot of press. The Guardian. The BBC. The New York Daily News. Jezebel. Huffington Post. The Daily Mail.

18 Again wasn't the first product of its kind. It wasn't even the first vaginal rejuvenation product named '18 Again'. Little Genie Productions sells a "Vaginal Shrink Cream" called 18 Again, which supposedly helps women "recapture" their "vagina's youth".

Ultratech's 18 Again is not new, so what made it news worthy? Likely two things - the use of Madonna's 'Like A Virgin' in Ultratech's 18 Again ad campaign and a marketing scheme based on the seemingly antiquated "... idea that women are undesirable beyond virginity."

Ultratech's 18 Again sparked conversation on many fronts - gender, culture, sex, politics... science? Most media mentions of 18 Again made no mention of science. Can a ointment actually tighten the vagina ("revirginize")? Is it possible that vaginal absorption of 18 Again ingredients will lead to a tighter vagina?

No. This negative assessment of 18 Again is based on the following review of human anatomy and physiology, as well as an examination of 18 Again's listed ingredients1.

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