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Product Description

I wondered the same thing for years before purchasing Bumpits. Was this really a product that can give me the perfect poof without any teasing? I really tried to make it work, but was very disappointed. Here’s why Bumpits did NOT work for me:
The plastic bump was too big (high and wide).
The little spikes didn’t hold onto my hair.
To make matters worse, the plastic was too heavy for it to stay in place. It literally kept falling off my head.
The poof had an unnatural rise and fall because the there’s no slope. Teasing is necessary to get a more natural look.
I have a lot of hair, but you need A TON of hair to cover up the plastic and look natural.
Overall all… I was disappointed and returned the product. :(
(Optional) Curl hair
Part hair horizontally at the crown of your head, or lower depending on the look you’re going for.
Place velcro pad behind the part. You’ll notice that one side of the velcro pad is higher than the other. Either side can be used to be at the base of the part. Depends on your head shape and the look you’re going for, so play around with it until you get the desired look!
Cover velcro pad with hair. Style as desired (down, half ponytail, or full ponytail)

Shipping Process

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